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Vitatonic solution for  poultry 100ML-1000ML

Vitatonic solution for poultry 100ML-1000ML

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Vitatonic solution for  poultry 100ML

The medicine is used to poultry for treatment anorexia, anemia, vitamin deficiency and amino acids, sress coping, reducing meat and egg productivity.

Transparent solution from yellow-brown to dark-brown.


1 l
retinol (vit. A) 2,500,000 IU
tocopherol (vit. E) 3.75 mg
500,000 IU
menadione (vit K3) 250 mg
thiamine (vit. B1) 3.5 mg
riboflavin (vit. B2) 4 g
pyridoxine (vit. B6) 2 g
sodium pantothenate 15 g
cyanocobalamin (vit. B12) 10 mg
biotin (vit. H) 2 mg
inositol 2.5 mg
choline chloride 400 mg
methionine 5 g
lysine 2.5 g
histidine 900 mg
arginine 490 mg
aspartic acid 1.45 g
threonine 500 mg
serine 680 mg
glutamic acid 1.16 g
proline 510 mg
glycine 575 mg
alanine 975 mg
cystine 150 mg
valine 1.1 g
leucine 1.5 g
isoleucine 1.25 mg
tyrosine 340 mg
phenylalanine 810 mg
tryptophan 75 mg

Excipients: polysorbate 80, methyl hydroxybenzoate, propyl hydroxybenzoate, propylene glycol, distilled water.

Pharmacological properties
Feed additive. Vitatonic, due to the presence of a balanced amount of vitamins and amino acids, incl. irreplaceable, compensate for the deficiency of biologically active substances in the body of animals, normalizes metabolism, contributes to an increase in nonspecific resistance to adverse environmental factors.
The use of a feed additive with unbalanced feeding, stress, during periods of intensive growth, high productivity leads to an increase in the safety of the livestock, especially young animals, an increase in the productivity and duration of use of animals.

Indications for use
To normalize metabolism in farm animals, incl. birds:
– with unbalanced feeding, stress, during periods of intensive growth, high productivity;
– in case of poisoning with mycotoxins;
– after vaccination and prolonged antibiotic treatment.


They are given to animals orally with water for drinking, individually or in groups (through the auto-drinking system), for 5 days in the following doses:

Animal species  Age and technology group Dose
Bird broilers, replacement chickens, laying hens 1-2 ml / l of drinking water
Horses foals 15-20 ml / head
Cattle young growth (from 6 to 18 months) 15-20 ml / head
calves 8-10 ml / head
Pigs pregnant and lactating sows, fattening livestock 15-20 ml / head
weaning pigs 3-3.5 ml / head
Sheeps goats  young growth 3.5-4 ml / head
lambs,  little goats 2-2.5 ml / head

If necessary, the course of administration is increased to 10-15 days or repeated after 1-2 months.
In the industrial poultry industry, to reduce the negative effect of stress caused by vaccination, the use of antibiotics or coccidiostatics, Vitatonic is given to poultry at a dose of 1 l / t of water for drinking within 3 days before stress and 3 days after it.
In case of planned rearrangement or transportation of poultry, the feed additive is given in the same dose for 2 days before stress and 3 days after it.

No contraindications have been established.

Side effects
There were no side effects and complications when using Vitatonik in accordance with this instruction, no contraindications were established.


StorageThe feed additive should be stored in the manufacturer’s packaging in a dry, dark place at a temperature of 5 ° to 25 ° C. Shelf life is 2 years.
Vitatonic should be stored out of the reach of children.

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