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MetroZole Pure 1000Gramm

MetroZole Pure 1000Gramm

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Indications: trichomonosis of cattle, balantidiosis and dysentery of pigs, histomonosis of geese and ducks.

Metronidazole has a wide range of harmful effects on many protozoa, including trichomonads, giardia, balantidia, amoeba, histomonads, and others. After internal use, metronidazole is well absorbed from the digestive tract, penetrates into organs and tissues, passes through the placenta and the blood-brain barrier, and accumulates in the liver. It is excreted from the body 1-2 days after use. It is mainly excreted in urine unchanged and in the form of metabolites, partially excreted in feces.

Doses and methods of use:
-For the treatment of trichomonosis in cows and bulls, metronidazole is administered orally mixed with feed for 3-4 days in a row at a dose of 1 g of the substance per 100 kg of animal weight.
-For local treatment, prepare a 1% suspension of metronidazole in physiological solution. Immediately before use, the obtained suspension of metronidazole is thoroughly shaken and the vagina or prepuce of sick animals is washed 2-4 times with an interval of 24 hours, consuming 25-50 ml of the suspension.
-For the treatment of balantidiosis in pigs, metronidazole is prescribed orally with feed at a dose of 10 mg per 1 kg of animal weight 2 times a day (morning and evening) for three consecutive days. If necessary, the course of treatment is repeated after 7-10 days.
-For the treatment of histomonosis in turkeys and geese, metronidazole is given once a day at a dose of 1.5 g per 1 kg of feed for 10 days.

Packaging: 1 kg package

Storage: in a dry place, protected from light and inaccessible to children and animals.
Storage temperature: from 5 to 20 ºС
Shelf life: 2 years from the date of manufacture.