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Introvit Vitamin Coml *inj (100 ml/3.38 oz) for horses, cattle,  sheep, goats, calves, pigs

Introvit Vitamin Coml *inj (100 ml/3.38 oz) for horses, cattle, sheep, goats, calves, pigs

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Introvit 100 ml complex of 12 vitamins, 2 amino acids - sterile solution for injections

The drug has the combined pharmacological properties of individual vitamins, which contribute to the normalization of metabolism in the body, increase its resistance, have a positive effect on the productivity, preservation and reproductive functions of animals.

Treatment and prevention of vitamin deficiency in animals; stressful conditions caused by parasitic or infectious diseases, vaccination, transportation, changes in feeding ration; to increase immunity.

1 ml of the drug contains active substances:
vitamin A 15,000 IU;
vitamin D3 7,500 IU;
vitamin E 20 mg;
vitamin B1 10 mg;
vitamin B2 5 mg;
vitamin B6 3 mg;
vitamin B12 60 mcg;
dexpanthenol 25 mg;
nicotinamide 50 mg;
folic acid 150 mcg;
biotin 125 mcg;
choline chloride 12.5 mg;
lysine 7 mg;
methionine 5 mg.

Administer Introvit once intramuscularly or subcutaneously in a dose (per 1 animal):
horses, cattle  10-15 ml
sheep, goats, calves, foals 5-10 ml
lambs 5-8 ml
pigs (body weight up to 10 kg) 2-3 ml
pigs (body weight from 10 to 20 kg) 4-5 ml
pigs (body weight from 20 to 50 kg) 6-7 ml
pigs (with a body weight of more than 50 kg) 8-10 ml

If necessary, repeat the injection after 7-10 days.

Do not mix with other drugs.

There is none.

Vials made of dark glass are closed with a rubber stopper under an aluminum break-in with a content of 100 ml

A dark place for a woman at temperatures from +15°С to +25°С. After the first puncture, store the vial in a cool, dark place (+2°C to +8°C).
The shelf life is 2 years. After the first puncture of the bottle - 2 weeks.

MANUFACTURER: Netherlands Interchemie
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