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Introvit A+VP Powder Vitamins (1000 gramm)

Introvit A+VP Powder Vitamins (1000 gramm)

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Introvit A+VP Powder Vitamins (1000 gramm)
Water-soluble powder for oral use.

1 kg of the drug contains active substances:

vitamin A 20,000,000 MO potassium chloride 25 g
vitamin D3 6,000,000 MO alanine 2.24 g
vitamin E. 60 g arginine 1.24 g
vitamin B1 6 g aspartic acid 5.1 g
vitamin B2 12 g cysteine 1.14 g
vitamin B6 8 g glutamic acid 8.8 g
vitamin B12 60 mg glycine 21.02 g
vitamin C. 40 g histidine 1.12 g
calcium pantothenate 20 g iso-leucine 2.98 g
vitamin K3 4 g leucine 4.74 g
nicotinamide 80 g lysine 54.24 g
folic acid 2 g methionine 50.82 g
biotin 300 mg phenylalanine 1.32 g
choline chloride 5 g proline 2.68 g
sodium chloride 100 g cool 2.72 g
sodium sulfate 100 g threonine 3.36 g
iron sulfate 12 g tryptophan 0.84 g
magnesium sulfate 12 g tyrosine 1.06 g
manganese sulfate 12 g valine 2.84 g
zinc sulfate 12 g lactose up to 1 kg

Pharmacological action:
The drug has the combined pharmacological properties of individual vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which contribute to the normalization of metabolism in the body, increase its resolution, have a positive effect on the productivity, health and restorative functions of animals and birds.

Treatment and prevention of vitamin and amino acid deficiency in animals and birds; stressful conditions caused by parasitic or infectious diseases, vaccination, transportation, changes in nutrition, as well as increased immunity.

The drug is used orally with drinking water in doses:
Animal species The amount of drug and frequency of application
cattle 1 g per 40-80 kg of body weight per day for 3-5 days
sheep, goats, calves 1 g per 20-40 kg of body weight per day for 3-5 days
poultry, pigs 1 kg per 4000 liters of drinking water for 3-5 days

Within 24 hours of drug dilution.

Contraindications and warnings:
Do not mix with other medicines.
Release form:
Plastic bottles of 1000 r.
A dry, dark place at a temperature of +15 °C to +25 °C.
Expiry date:
Two years.

Interchemie werken, The Netherlands.