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GimCat Malt Soft Paste Extra For Cats Anti Hairball Complex(Remedy) 20-200g

GimCat Malt Soft Paste Extra For Cats Anti Hairball Complex(Remedy) 20-200g

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This paste is very easy to digest and protects the intestinal mucosa and stomach of the animal. Cats wash several times a day. During washing, they swallow a certain amount of their hair, which gradually becomes a lump in the intestine. The presence of such a lump can lead to colic and difficulty with the passage of food through the body. Gimpet paste simplifies the process of not fully digested leftovers and improves digestion in general.

In addition, the drug allows you to take care of the elasticity of the skin and the shine of cat hair. It is necessary to give paste to a pet every day.

Malt Soft Extra paste is a natural product that is easily digested and protects the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. Every day, cats swallow a certain amount of hair during the washing process, which is compressed into a lump in the intestines. This can cause intestinal obstruction, intestinal colic. The paste facilitates the passage of hard-to-digest leftover food and swallowed wool through the gastrointestinal tract. The product guarantees normal digestion.

Paste "Malt Soft Extra":
Against the formation of lumps of wool in the intestines of the animal,
Care for elastic skin and shiny hair.

Ingredients: protein, fiber, lipids, ash substances.

Protein - 4.5%
Lipids - 0.2%
Ash substances - 1.6%
Humidity - 21.9%

A medium-sized cat needs to be given 4 to 5 cm of paste daily. If necessary, the portion can be doubled, warmed to room temperature before feeding.