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Fengelmin DEWORMER 100 Tabs.

Fengelmin DEWORMER 100 Tabs.

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Fengelmin tablets 100pcs

One tablet (0.8 g of the drug) contains the active substance: fenbendazole - 50 mg.

Pharmacological properties
ATCvet QP52A, anti-trematode, anti-nematode and anti-cestode veterinary drugs, (ATCvet QP52AC13, fenbendazole).
Fenbendazole - 1-methyl-5,6- (phenyl-thio) 2-benzimidazole carbamate, which has high anthelmintic activity and a wide range of action, destroys larvae and mature nematodes, some species of cestodes and trematodes and their eggs.

Deworming of cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, carnivores, fur-bearing animals, chickens and geese when they are affected by nematodes (mature and immature forms), some types of cestodes and trematodes.

Doses and frequency of application of Fengelmin tablets for deworming of various types:

Animal spesies

Name of disease 

Dosage form (tablets)


Moniesiosis, Dictyocauluses, Hemonhosis, Bunostomoses, Esophagostomosis, Nematodirosis, Ostertagiasis, Chabetriosis, Strongyloidiasis, Neoascaridosis, Trichuriasis

1 /20 kg of body weight


Paraskarosis, Strongiloides, Oxyurosis, Strongyloidosis

1 /15 kg of body weight

Sheep and goats 

Moniesiosis, Dictyocauluses,Esophagostomosis, Nematodirosis, Ostertagiasis, Chabetriosis, Strongyloidiasis

1 /30 kg of body weight


Askarosis, Oesophagostomosis, AncylostomiasisTrichuriasis

1 /20 kg of body weight

Dogs and cats

Toxocariasis, Ancylostomiasis, Uncinariosis, Dipylidiosis, Tenіasis

1 /10 kg of body weight


Drug is applied 2 times only in case of strong invasion. Interval between the applications is 12-24 hours.

Contraindications and Precautions
Do not use Fenbentabs for animals which are hypersensitiv to the components of the drug.
Slaughter of the animals for meat (cattle, sheep, goats, horses, pigs) is in 10 days after the last usage of the drug.
Consuming of internals (liver, lungs, heart) – in 20 days
Milk can can be consumed in 3 days after the  last drug application.
In case the slaughter took place before allowed terms, meat is fed to carnivora.


In the dry, dark, well aired room(max. humidity is 70%) on the shelf with the temperature from 15  to 30 °C.
Do not store together with food

Expiration date – 3 years from the manufacturing date


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