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Drops of control of parasites at dogs (3 Month Supply)

Drops of control of parasites at dogs (3 Month Supply)

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Drops Advocate for dogs  (BAYER)
3 pip.

The gold standard for parasite control in dogs

Structure: 10% imidacloprid and 2.5% moxidectin.

Indications for use:
For dogs for the treatment and prevention of mixed parasitic infestations:
– for the treatment and prevention of infestation by fleas (Ctenocephalides felis),
– treatment of otodectosis (Otodectes cynotis),
– treatment of sarcoptic mange (Sarcoptes scabiei var.canis),
– treatment of demodicosis (Demodex canis),
– prevention of dirofilariasis (effective against larvae L3 and L4 Dirofilaria immitis),
– treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal nematodes (larvae (L4), immature and mature Toxocara canis, Ancylostoma caninum and Uncinaria stenocephala, adults Toxascaris leonina and Trichuris vulpis).
The drug can be used as one of the means in the treatment of allergic flea dermatitis.
Dosage and method of administration:
The minimum therapeutic dose is 10 mg / kg body weight of imidacloprid and 2.5 mg / kg body weight of moxidectin, which is equivalent to 0.1 ml Advocate per 1 kg body weight for dogs.

Animal weight (kg) Pipette size Volume (ml) Imidacloprid, (mg / kg body weight) Moxidectin, (mg / kg body weight)
> 4 – 10 kg medium dogs 1,0 10-25 2,5-6,25
> 10 25 kg big dogs 2,5 10-25 2,5-6,25
> 25 40 kg very large dogs 4,0 10-16 2,5-4
> 40 kg Corresponding pipette combination

Corresponding pipette combination Flea treatment and prevention.
A single treatment with the drug prevents flea infestation for 4 weeks. When treating allergic flea dermatitis, the drug must be used monthly.

Otodectosis treatment. A single treatment with the drug is required. Remove loose crusts from the outer ear. Do not apply directly to the ear canal. Some animals require additional treatment, so please consult your veterinarian 30 days after treatment.

Treatment of sarcoptic mange (scabies caused by Sarcoptes scabiei var. Canis) Treatment is carried out twice with an interval of 4 weeks.
Treatment of demodicosis (caused by Demodex canis) Advocate® is used 2-4 times with an interval of 1 month. If possible, treatment of concomitant diseases is necessary.
Dirofilariasis prevention Dogs that live in areas with dirofilariasis, as well as those that travel to such areas, can be infested with mature dirofilariae. To prevent dirofilariasis, the drug must be used monthly throughout the entire period of mosquito activity. The drug must be used throughout the year or according to the following scheme: start application at least 1 month before the start of mosquito activity and finish 1-2 months after the end of the period of their activity.
Treatment and prevention of nematodes. Monthly treatment against dirofilariasis (as a preventive program) automatically reduces the possibility of reinfection by nematodes, cestodes, hookworms. Or the drug is used as a seasonal treatment against fleas and gastrointestinal nematodes. Application procedure: For external use only. Remove one pipette from the package. Hold the pipette upright, remove the cap. Turn the cap over and place it on the pipette - thus removing the protective foil from the pipette opening.
For dogs up to 25 kg: The animal is treated in a standing position. Divide the fur between the shoulder blades so that the skin is visible. The drug is applied to intact skin. Place the narrow end of the pipette on the skin, squeeze the pipette firmly several times to apply the entire contents of the pipette directly to the skin.
For dogs weighing over 25 kg: For the convenience of handling, the dog should be standing. The contents of the pipette must be applied at 3-4 points along the spine: starting between the shoulder blades and ending at the root of the tail. With each application, it is necessary to push the coat apart so that the skin is visible. If possible, apply the drug to intact skin. Place the narrow end of the pipette on the skin and gently squeeze the pipette so that portions of the pipette contents are squeezed onto the skin. Do not squeeze a large amount of the drug into one place, as the solution may flow down from the application site.
The drug is approved for use by pregnant and lactating females.
Contraindications: Do not use in puppies under 7 weeks of age. Treatment of animals weighing less than 1 kg, sick and weak should take place under the supervision of a veterinarian.
Caveats: Wash hands after handling the animal. During the period of drug treatment, do not use other macrocyclic lactones. Water stability: Do not allow the animal to enter open water for 4 days after treatment. Bathing does not reduce the effectiveness of the drug, however, frequent use of immersion mixtures (including shampoos) can reduce the effectiveness of Advocaat®.
Storage conditions and shelf life: Store at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C. Packaging: Pipettes are packed in blisters of 3 pieces.

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