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CEREnA Solution for Dogs and Cats 20ml (inj*)

CEREnA Solution for Dogs and Cats 20ml (inj*)

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Composition and form of release
Serenia contains in 1 ml as the active substance maropitant citrate - 10 mg, and as auxiliary substances - metacresol - 3.3 mg, sodium sulfobutyl ether β-cyclodextrin - 63 mg and water for injections - up to 1 ml. the drug is a transparent liquid of light yellow color.
The drug is packaged in 20 ml vials of dark glass, closed with rubber stoppers, reinforced with aluminum caps. Vials are packed in individual cardboard boxes. Instructions for its use are included in each box with the drug.

Pharmacological properties
Serenia belongs to the group of antiemetics.
The active substance of Serenia - maropitant citrate - is an antagonist of neurokinin receptors (NK1) and inhibits the binding of substance P, a tachykinin group neutropeptide in the CNS. Maropitant citrate is effective in vomiting of both central and peripheral genesis. Maropitant is rapidly absorbed from the injection site and reaches the maximum concentration in blood plasma 45 minutes after administration. Maropitant is more than 99% bound to blood plasma proteins. The bioavailability of Serenia is 90%. Maropitant is metabolized in the liver by cytochrome P450, excreted mainly in feces.
According to the degree of impact on the body of maropitant, citrate belongs to moderately dangerous substances (hazard class 3 according to GOST 12.1.007-76).

It is prescribed to dogs and cats to prevent vomiting caused by movement of the animal (motion sickness syndrome), as well as in other pathologies accompanied by vomiting.

Doses and method of application
Serenia injection solution is administered only subcutaneously at a dose of 1 mg of maropitant citrate per 1 kg of animal weight, which corresponds to 1 ml of the drug per 10 kg of animal weight, once a day for no more than 5 days.
Overdose symptoms are not established. Features of the action at the start of administration and withdrawal of the drug have not been revealed. It is necessary to avoid omissions when introducing the next dose of the drug, as this can lead to a decrease in effectiveness. If one dose is missed, the course of treatment should be resumed in the dosages and application scheme provided by the instructions.

Side effects
When Serenia is used in accordance with the instructions, side effects and complications are usually not observed. Allergic reactions are possible in hypersensitive animals. In some cases, salivation, lethargy, lack of appetite and diarrhea are noted. In case of allergic reactions, stop using the drug and prescribe antihistamines and symptomatic treatment.

Increased individual sensitivity to the drug. Do not use in pregnant and lactating animals. It is not recommended for puppies under 16 weeks of age.

Special instructions
It is recommended to use Serenia after consultation with a veterinarian. Use with caution in animals with liver diseases and a predisposition to diseases of the cardiovascular system. There is no information on the interaction of Serenia with other medicinal products. The drug is not intended for use in productive animals.

Personal prevention measures
When working with Serenia, you should follow the general rules of personal hygiene and safety techniques provided for when working with medicinal products. After working with the drug, hands should be washed with soap.
In case of accidental contact of the medicinal product with the skin or mucous membranes of the eyes, it is necessary to wash them with a large amount of water. People with hypersensitivity to the components of Serenia should avoid direct contact with the drug. In the event of allergic reactions or accidental ingestion of the drug in the human body, you should immediately contact a medical institution (have the instructions for use of the drug or the label with you).
It is prohibited to use empty medicine bottles for household purposes, they are subject to disposal with household waste.

Storage conditions
In the manufacturer's closed package, in a dry place protected from the sun, out of the reach of children. Separately from food and feed at a temperature of 3ºС to 25ºС. The shelf life of the medicinal product under storage conditions is 36 months from the date of production. After removing part of the drug from the bottle, subject to compliance with the rules of asepsis and specified storage conditions, it can be used repeatedly within 90 days. It is prohibited to use the drug Serenia after the expiration date.
The unused medicinal product is disposed of in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.