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Brovnol D powder DEWORMER (50g) – For Cat, Dog, Poultry

Brovnol D powder DEWORMER (50g) – For Cat, Dog, Poultry

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Brovnol D powder DEWORMER (50gramm) – For Cat, Dog, Poultry

Description of the drug
Loose powder of yellow color.
1 g of Brovanol-D powder (for adults) contains:
niclosamide - 230 mg; oxybendazole - 30 mg; levamisole hydrochloride - 40 mg; filler - 700 mg
Pharmacological properties
The drug has the combined pharmacological properties of three components, which provide a wide range of antiparasitic action, namely:
-niclosamide, when administered orally, is not absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and, upon contact with cestodes, inhibits oxidative-phosphorolytic processes, which leads to weakening and early death of scolexes and parasite segments, which are partially digested and leave;
-oxybendazole and levamisole in nematodes, as a result of the combined effect, disrupt the metabolism of glucides, blocking the formation of ATP, which causes paralysis and death of parasites at all stages of development within a few hours after administration. In addition, levamisole is an effective immunostimulant and, with subsequent vaccination, contributes to the formation of a high level of post-vaccination immunity.
Dogs and cats for the treatment and prevention of mixed invasions caused by larvae and adult helminths of the gastrointestinal tract: ankylostomiasis (Ancylostoma caninum), dipylidiosis (Dipylidium caninum), diphyllobothriasis (Diphyllobothrium latum, D. minus), toxocariasis (Toxocariasis (Ancylostoma caninum) ), toxascariasis (Toxascaris leonina), trichocephalus (Trichocephalus vulpis and T. nutpia), teniasis (Taenia hydatigena, T. multicеps).
For poultry for the treatment of mixed cestode-nematodous or trematodose-nematodous invasions, namely: ascariasis (Ascaridia galli, A. dissimilis, A. columbae), capillariasis (Sarillaria anseris, C. anatis, C. contorta), syngamosis (syngamosis) , streptocariasis (Streptocara crassicauda), hymenolepidosis (Hymenolepis gracilis, H. paracompressa, Fimbriaria fasciolaris), tetramerosis.
Doses and method of administration
For adult dogs and cats - 1 g of powder per 10 kg of body weight is mixed with a third of the food weight of the morning ration.
Birds of the chicken family - 1 g / 10 kg of body weight daily for three days in a mixture with mixed feed. Goose and ducks - 5 g of powder per 10 kg of body weight for two days in a row mixed with feed.

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