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Solution Oral 5% Cattle Goats  Pig

Solution Oral 5% Cattle Goats Pig

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BAYCOX 5% suspension for oral use, fl. 250 ml

INSTRUCTIONS for the use of Baycox 5% suspension for oral administration

Ingredients: 1 ml of the drug contains 50 mg of toltrazuril.

COMPOSITION AND FORM OF RELEASE 1 ml of the active substance contains 50 mg of toltrazuril and auxiliary components (sodium benzoate, sodium propionate, propylene glycol, citric acid and distilled water). The drug is a suspension of white to yellowish color. Plastic bottles of 250 ml.

PHARMACOLOGICAL PROPERTIES Baycox is 5% effective against Isospora suis, Eimeria arloingi, Eimeria scabra, Eimeria guevarai and other species of coccidia parasitic in pigs at the stages of their intracellular development. After oral administration of Baycox, 5% toltrazuril is slowly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and has a coccidiocidal effect on the mucous and submucosal membranes. Toltrazuril is excreted from the body mainly in unchanged form (70%), as well as in the form of metabolites (sulfones) in the feces and partially in the urine. Baykoks 5% according to the degree of impact on the body is a moderately dangerous substance, in the recommended doses does not cause side effects and complications in animals, does not prevent the formation of immunity to coccidiosis.

INDICATIONS Treatment and prevention of coccidiosis in piglets.

DOSAGE AND METHOD OF ADMINISTRATION Baikoks 5% is prescribed to piglets for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes once on day 3 - 5 of life at a dose of 20 mg of toltrazuril per 1 kg of animal weight. The drug is administered to animals individually orally using a special dispenser at the rate of 0.4 ml of suspension per 1 kg of animal weight, but not less than 0.5 ml and not more than 2 ml per animal. Shake the suspension container thoroughly before use.

SIDE EFFECTS With proper use and dosage, side effects are usually not observed.

CONTRAINDICATIONS Hypersensitivity to the drug.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS Slaughter of piglets for meat is allowed not earlier than 91 days after application of 5% baicox. The meat of animals that have been forcibly killed earlier can be used to produce meat and bone meal.

STORAGE CONDITIONS In tightly closed factory packaging. In a dry, protected from light place at a temperature of 0 - 25 ° C. Shelf life - 5 years, after opening the bottle - 3 months.

Manufacturer: Bayer HealthCare AG, Germany.

Packaging: bottles of 250 ml with a dispenser of 1 ml.

Pharmacological properties: Coccidiocide. Toltrazuril is a triazinone derivative and acts against Isospora coccidia. It is effective against all stages of development of coccidia. Acts on parasites by destroying the shell, thus the action is coccidiocidal.

Indications: For the prevention of clinical symptoms of coccidiosis in newborn piglets in farms where coccidiosis has previously been diagnosed, caused mainly by Isospora suis.

The problem of coccidiosis: Livestock producers often suffer significant economic losses (death, increased feed costs per unit of production) without even suspecting that this is caused by various protozoa that affect vital organs of the animal and cause general intoxication of the body.

One such disease is coccidiosis. In pigs, the causative agent of coccidiosis is more often Isospora suis. This parasite has a very complex cycle of development, which takes place in the environment and in the intestines of the animal (namely in enterocytes). It is important that Isospora suis opens the way for secondary bacterial and viral infections, which are further diagnosed and considered diarrhea. A set of therapeutic measures against these (secondary) diseases is being carried out, but without success.

Clinical picture of coccidiosis: in suckling piglets diarrhea, or feces of pasty consistency whitish or cream color. There is an uneven development of piglets - sick animals at weaning about 1 kg less than healthy ones. More often coccidiosis proceeds in the chronic form at which there are no brightly expressed clinical symptoms.

The source of infection with coccidia are infected pregnant and suckling sows, as well as the environment, infection with oocysts. The higher the intensity of the infestation in the sow, the higher it is in the suckling piglets of this nest.

Oocysts are found in the feces for 7-8 days after infection. Mass reproduction of endogenous stages of eimeria and isospores in the intestines of piglets leads to catarrhal or hemorrhagic inflammation of its mucous membrane.

The use of Baycox® 5% in the prevention program allows you to achieve lethal condition as quickly as possible. Moreover, optimal feed conversion and productivity rates are observed. Supporting maximum daily growth also ensures uniformity of development, which increases the profitability of the pig farm.