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Flea control for Dogs (3 Month Supply)

Flea control for Dogs (3 Month Supply)

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Flea control Simparica for dogs (3tabs=3 Month Supply)

Simparica is a liver-flavored chewable tablet that is a new generation drug for protecting dogs from fleas and ticks. The main active ingredient is sarolaner, which is absolutely safe for the animal. Due to its effectiveness, within 8 hours after application of the drug, saloraner is active against all types of fleas parasitizing on dogs and after 12 hours the drug shows an effect on ticks. The analogs are fluralaner, afoxolaner. The drug remains effective for 35 days (5 weeks). It should be noted that Simparica 100% destroys all types of ticks, including ixodid ones, and also causes the death of all types of fleas, at all stages of development, ensuring the protection of the pet's habitat from infection by eggs and larvae.

Application and dosage.
Simparica tablet for dogs is used once, based on its weight in a dose of 2-4 mg / kg. The tablet should be given to the dog at least 12 hours before possible contact with ticks. Simparica is an absolutely effective drug for all dogs, regardless of coat type, tick attachment site and flea location. The protection of the animal by the Simparica device does not depend on the frequency of its bathing.

Dosage of Simparic:
10 mg - one tablet for dogs weighing from 2.5-5 kg;
20 mg - one tablet for dogs weighing 5-10 kg;
40 mg - one tablet for dogs weighing 10-20 kg;
80 mg - one tablet for dogs weighing 20-40 kg;
120 mg - one tablet for dogs weighing 40-60 kg.

In the treatment of tick-borne and flea infestations, the drug is used for dogs once a month, during the season of activity of fleas and ticks. In the treatment of sarcoptic mange, the drug will be used for dogs once a month for 2 months. In the treatment of demodicosis, the drug is prescribed to dogs once a month for 3 months. It can also be used to treat and prevent dogs with flea allergic dermatitis.

safe for puppies from 8 weeks of age;
safe for all breeds of dogs;
safe for people who come into contact with the animal.
Positive features:

1 tablet protects for 5 weeks (up to 35 days);
the tablet has a pleasant liver taste, the dog uses the drug without problems;
100% protection against 9 species of ixodid ticks and fleas occurs within 12 hours;
used to treat demodicosis (hair loss) in dogs (once a month for 3 months);
used to treat sarcoptic mange in dogs (once a month for 2 months);
used to treat and prevent dogs with flea allergic dermatitis.

Do not use in dogs with hypersensitivity to drug components!
Do not use on sick and weakened animals!
Do not use in puppies under 8 weeks of age and weighing up to 1.3 kg, without a risk assessment by a veterinarian. Do not apply to other animals. except for dogs!

The safety of using the drug during pregnancy and lactation has not been established, and can only be used if the benefit / risk ratio is assessed, which is determined by the veterinarian.

Store at 15-25 degrees Celsius.
Shelf life is 30 months.

Manufacturer: Zoetis, USA (Zoetis, USA).
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